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You are the blood of the dragon. Dragons plant no trees. Remember that. Remember who you are, what you were made to be. Remember your words.

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In a room sit three great men, a king, a priest, and a rich man with his gold. Between them stands a sellsword, a little man of common birth and no great mind. Each of the great ones bids him slay the other two. 'Do it,' says the king, 'for I am your lawful ruler.' 'Do it,' says the priest, 'for I command you in the names of the Gods.' 'Do it,' says the rich man, 'and all this gold shall be yours.' So tell me—who lives and who dies? Power resides where men believe it resides.

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accidents — you never have them till you’re having them.

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O maior erro de noventa e nove por cento das pessoas é ter vergonha de serem que são, é mentir a esse respeito, fingindo ser alguém diferente. A honestidade era a sua marca, a sua arma, a sua defesa. Quando somos honestos, as pessoas se assustam, ficam chocadas.
Morte Súbita, J.K. Rowling.   (via meninofirework)
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The Disney Renaissance

Beauty and the Beast (1991)

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I have become S.H.I.E.L.D.’s newest Agent! #AgentsOfSHIELD

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game of thrones meme → [1/3] deaths.
"Dimly, as if from far away, she heard a… a noise… a soft sighing sound, as if a million people had let out their breath at once."

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Getting Game of Thrones was amazing. I was 13, on holiday in France, and my mum woke me up saying "Morning Sansa!" I burst out crying and jumped in the pool.

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Creio que foi o sorriso,
o sorriso foi quem abriu a porta.
Era um sorriso com muita luz
lá dentro, apetecia
entrar nele, tirar a roupa, ficar
nu dentro daquele sorriso.
Correr, navegar, morrer naquele sorriso.